Welcome to my "Galleries Included on this web site are a few of my older artistic "accomplishments" coupled with my latest. The above quote bordering the word "accomplishments" indicate that the challenges are always greater when re-entering the fine arts arena after a long hiatus. After over forty plus years away from brushes and colors, it has taken a longer than I anticipated in finding the right groove. I am currently greatly enamoured with landscape painting. Painting outdoors has been a real challenge. Getting a painting blocked in quickly before the light moves to a new location in the sky seems to be the key. Artists who have influenced me in my “work” are mainly landscape painters of the late twentieth century. My top favourite is the late great American landscape artist George Inness (1825-1894). For the past twenty years I have ingested much of Inness’s work, both in studying his originals and in looking at reproductions in the many excellent publications available on his life and work. Hopefully my work might indicate a few traces indicating my admiration for the work of this great landscape master. As I continue to hone my eye for colour - along with the myriad of techniques involved in wielding both the brush and the knife, perhaps my next painting might even surprise me. Stay tuned... I hope with all my heart there will be painting in heaven  - Jean-Baptist_Camille Corot 1796-1875